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During our stay in Cambodia, we spent two weeks volunteering with Hope Agency at a rural school in Bakod Village, Takeo Province. Hope is the brain-child of Jason Han, a local whose vision is to improve the lives of underprivileged Cambodian children through education. Despite running away from home at a young age to escape […]


My time at Hope by Kyle Wintworth

To be in a foreign land, amongst foreign faces scared me. How was it possible, I thought, to feel at “home” as well as gain enough confidence to teach a class of +20 when I was feeling lost…and alone? Little did I know, all of that changed in what felt like a blink of an eye. I […]


The Wonder Of Hope – by Hayley Hornibrook

Imagine landing in Phnom Penh in the dead of night, circled by mosquitos, jetlagged. You don’t know anyone. Then you see your name on a piece of card and two smiling souls waving frantically, excited to ferry you onward. You’re driven through Cambodia at night, past the stalls selling old Coca-Cola, endless dust roads ahead and behind. Down […]


5 Simple Ways to Save Money To Volunteer In Cambodia 2018

That trip to Cambodia does not have to be just a daydream. Going on a trip of a lifetime such as volunteering in Cambodia can often feel like a daydream. Travelling doesn’t have to break the bank. Even as a Student or if you’re living off a modest salary, here are the steps to take […]

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  • February 12, 2018
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How volunteering in Cambodia inspired me – by Richard Jonas.

The experience made me appreciate the comforts, the opportunities, the support network, the material things that we take for granted, the value of money, the value of gratitude and sentiment, the people that we have around us, the power of a smile, the access to education, the food and water supply, the hot shower and […]



VOLUNTERING IN CAMBODIA Volunteering abroad is something I’ve been interested in since I was about 12, I wanted to help those less privileged whilst becoming immersed in a culture different to that of western societies. Travelling from to the UK to Cambodia (the longest flight I’ve ever been on, and the first time travelling alone) […]


The weekends – Part three – by Ian Hammersley

School finishes on Friday evening and starts again Monday at 1pm, so there are various trips to other parts of Cambodia that volunteers can book transport to, through Mikee. Siem Reap, to visit the biggest temple in Cambodia, Phnom Penh to enjoy city life, Sihanoukville/Otres/Koh Rong for the beach lovers or Kampot for a relaxed, […]

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  • November 19, 2017
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