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About Hope Agency

In an effort to teach the members of the local community English and subjects such as Art, Sports, and Social/Training Skills, the Hope Agency was founded by Jason Han in 2010 and approved by the Royal Government of Cambodia that same year. This training would allow many students to pursue dreams and careers they had never thought possible prior to the agency's founding.Located on two hectares of land in Bakod village, Takeo province, the Hope Agency was initially an open-air classroom built to accommodate up to 150 pupils.

However, over a period of time, the number of students drastically increased and additional facilities were desperately needed. This prompted the founder of Hope Agency, Jason Han, to dip into his own pockets for funding and this made the two new buildings a reality. With additional facilities and additional students, there was clearly a need for additional hands with whom to share the ever-increasing workload. Therefore, John Mojsa was brought into the picture in 2015 as a Director and his marketing skills were utilised to attract the much-needed volunteers independently.

After seven years, Hope Agency now features seven classrooms at the original campus and three more classrooms at a second location. There, students are taught the the English Language which will help them to traverse the Camdodian work world and the English dominated work world at large. Attending this institution does not disrupt their formal education at Khmer public schools as students still attend classes in the morning. During this time, volunteers at the Hope Agency prepare for the evening English classes, visit local orphanages, help the Foodbank project and so much more.

When it is class time, the students are split into groups of 5 to 30 children based on their age and ability and are led by an individual or a group of volunteers. These classes are usually an hour long and after one batch sets off for home, another class files in to begin their lessons. After classes, many of these students stick around to socialise with their peers, play games on the slides and swings in the large outdoor space and even approach volunteers for one to one English lessons.

In order to teach their minimum of four one-hour classes of English, Computer Studies, Mathematics and creative activities such as Art, Dance, and Sport, volunteers are given access to an office of resources and textbooks from which to base their lessons using creative and engaging methods. Methods such as singing songs, storytelling, arts and crafts and educational games are common among volunteers who wish to make their classes fun and more engaging and build long-lasting relationships with the children. Volunteer numbers are much higher in the summer and this allows the programme's reach to be extended and students are offered increased learning opportunities.In the end, volunteers are rewarded by seeing their efforts come to fruition, as, of the over 3000 students that have passed through the Hope Agency, many now have the opportunity to access better paying, legal job opportunities and have been prevented from succumbing to crime and illegal immigration work in Thailand

The Foodbank Project

In addition to our community outreach through education, we provide food items such as rice and vegetables along with medicine and other necessities to the poorest families in Bakod Village. By doing so, we are giving these families who would otherwise starve without our assistance, hope and allow them to look positively towards the future. With help from our volunteers, we also provide assistance by fixing leaky roofs, providing transportation and even building a family a safer home. Because of our service, the standard of living and health of many of these families have improved and they are now able to find ways to earn a living for themselves.

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