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Providing Education and Inspiration to the Children of Cambodia

Moving a generation of young people to create real change and a future that they can choose for themselves

About The School

In an effort to teach the members of the local community English and subjects such as Art, Sports, and Social/Training Skills, the Hope Agency was founded by Jason Han in 2010 and approved by the Royal Government of Cambodia that same year. This training would allow many students to pursue dreams and careers they had never thought possible prior to the agency's founding.Located on two hectares of land in Bakod village, Takeo province, the Hope Agency was initially an open-air classroom built to accommodate up to 150 pupils

Meet The Team

 Meet Founder Jason Han & John the Director of Marketing. They’ll be the guys emailing you, saying hello on Facebook or Instagram and maybe even answering the phone.

Even better they will be on the ground in Cambodia helping you guys to settle in as well as answer any questions to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime working with these incredible young children.

Donate Directly

Hope Agency’s vision is to improve the lives of underprivileged Cambodian children. Every Cambodian citizen should be empowered so that they can reach their human right potential. Hope Agency wishes to provide sustainable, stable living conditions, education, basic nourishment, stable home environments, healthcare and vocational training skills.

Our next big project is finishing the top floor of our new building. This will house a new library and two new class rooms which will give our children yet more amazing resources!

Free Volunteer Info Pack

If you are interested in volunteering but not sure where to start then why not download our completely free ‘Guide For Volunteers’ that will give you all the information you need and a deep insight into how we work

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